Friday, October 7, 2011

A Looong Wait

Well, we have awhile until the prem gets going again, with the international break and all. Let us cross our fingers that none of the players from any club pick up injuries. I have a true hatred toward sir alex turgason and man united, and same with barca. But when i see ANY player see what he loves to do the most taken away from him, it brings about a very negative feeling.
Anyways, since I can't talk about matches, I thought it would be appropriate to take up a post and show some appreciation  to the club; from the home kit to the fans.
The classic kit and new crest marks the 125th anniversary of their creation.

It almost seems timeless when you look at it, and of course the red shirt and white sleeves is very classic.
It brings with it a sense of class. Any person will bitch and moan about their team and pick out flaws whenever a loss happens, but I've yet to see a true gooner act this way. We keep our heads held high during dark days. You get the feeling it wouldn't be weird for two strangers to become great friends with The Arsenal being the only thing they have in common.

if anyone has clever nicknames or chants for each player, please share! I love a good laugh. Some from my own brain have been:
Lets talk about Cesc baby
Throbbin (heart) Van Persie
Mikel Smarteta
Thomas Vermaelen the Verminator get the idea

Also, whether you're new to watching soccer, or are just looking for some info on a piece of soccer history that has yet to be matched in the english game, check out ,and proceed to try and calm your boner after watching (you can't!)


  1. I remember watching vieiras goal against tottenham to basically secure their undefeated season...awesome post and blog

  2. Hail the Gunners!!

  3. I'm not so much into football, but if I was to support a team, it would be Tottenham ha

  4. We'll see what Arsenal has to offer in the chapions's league this year :P

  5. Haha its gonna be an interesting season for sure

  6. haha nice nicknames lol, also looking forward to see them play.

  7. love the gunners....too many bandwagoners for manu and mancity

  8. Looking forward to this years league!